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Your body believes what you think, your thought becomes action, Action becomes behavior so keep your Positive attitude alive!

In this world we have numerous counsellors but we don’t have Self Realizing Counselling.

Hepta Academy has designed programs which helps one to understand and to get a Certification on these programs.

One Youth well educated on Nutrition, brings up a Healthy family in near future.

Water Fasting is a Basic cleansing process where the Body regains its own Body.

Weight loss process doesn’t mean strive to body but make the eating process healthy and fully exotic.

Senior Citizens require to understand what they eat and what they should never eat @ their 60 plus age lifestyles.

Teens are the age where outcomes for Health goes off with lot of temptations. Bringing awareness at this age Resets Life in a balanced way.

Catching them in young age and bringing awareness to everything they choose to eat designs a Healthy Next Generation

100 DAYS DIETING WITH REPROGRAMMING LIFESTYLE / Follow a 100 days monitored dieting program to achieve a New and Healthy Lifestyle