Water Fasting Program

” I had shared my experience in the session as well as here before. But I can’t stop myself from sharing this…. My husband was going on telling me since yesterday you have lost weight,  your face looks thin etc. ( Neither did my family realise that I was not eating anything since 3 days nor did I tell them ). I checked my weight and took measurements and found a loss of 2 kgs and inch loss through out, which frankly speaking I didn’t expect. I thought I will lose only the water weight.<br>

Also my family expressed that I am calm, composed and quiet since 2 days.<br>

Personally also I feel fresh, very light, peaceful and no hunger pangs at all.<br>

Thanks to the dedication of kirthika tharan Ma’am and her team. Wish to continue this water fasting as a group because being in the group helps us a lot and makes us more accountable. Thanks everyone for this initiative.”

Happy Client

Continuing the diet mam, I want to share another good thing reg the diet, Since my daughter started schooling, every month we used to go to the hospital, either for loose stools (food poison) or cold and fever..But this month I don’t have these two issues mam, no loose stools, and to my surprise, no cold and running nose till now,.. Am giving ABC juice every day mam, without skipping, her appetite is also good mam, food intake has increased..” She is a real god as per my view. Need lot of patience to change my 3 years old diet. Not easy at all. And I feel, speaking also has increased mam, nowadays, she keeps on talking with us from morning to night, but still there is a lag in clarity..

Nemuru sleep program

Because of the pandemic situation in 2020,my sleep was very much disturbed. After attending the Nemuru sleep program my sleep has improved and I am getting good results . Doubts are cleared during training sessions and healthy food style and lifestyle related to this issue is also briefed by Jay Sir and Keerthi-the trainers which is very useful.Posters and training materials soft copies are immediately shared by Bharath are very helpful to follow. With sleep disturbances ,the energy level diminishes and our productivity is less.After good sleep our mood, work productivity and energy level are good.The reasons for sleeplessness and the importance of sleeping and techniques of sleeping are well explained in the session. Good program


activities for kids etc before sleeping.

I was thinking of a lot of things like preparations for the next day, activities for kids etc before sleeping. But now I stopped thinking about them. Nemuru hanger has helped me to leave my worries out of the room at least. I realized the importance of sleep and health and started guiding the kids with correct reasons using the inputs from the program. Now I’m maintaining the sleep score above 90 and training myself to increase my deep sleep timing. In recent times children mostly work on gadgets for school work as well as to get over their boredom. The knowledge related to ‘gadgets vs sleep’ and ‘sleep vs health’ help me to guide them in taking a break from eye strain and now my daughter is trying to take a break herself.


I had disturbed sleep before Nemuru

I had disturbed sleep before Nemuru. After attending the program, I gained knowledge about the importance of sleep and how it affects our health, physically and mentally. The guidance given by Kirthika ma’am was very helpful, unmatchable and eye-opening and Jayasekaran Sir’s advice for gaining good sleep by keeping mind and environment peaceful was also equally important. The slides and posters by Bharath were very well organised and can be referred to in day to day life.

Mr.Dhanashekar R