In this world we have numerous counsellors but we don’t have Self Realizing Counselling. Mostly people assume that Counselling means suggesting.


In Hepta, it’s not. It’s about Self Realizing. Here we make people to Realize themselves and let them make new choices.

One Counselling redefines anyone’s life. Few hours of listening and self realizing gives one to think about his or her life in a dissociated way. This sort of dissociated thinking makes one reflect upon his/her strength and weakness. A Good counselling will certainly hit one’s belief about Life and Future. If not, that’s not counselling.


We Counsel the excellence stage by stage. Mostly the first stage belongs to understanding the Problem. Second stage discusses the possibilities of ” How “. Third stage directs the transformation of the  ” How ” into Reality. And .. Final stage achieves the expected outcome.