Stress into Strength

The Hepta’s way to stop the cycle of Anxiety, Fear, and Worry.

What is Stress to Strength?
Stress is a Beautiful state of Mind but stays in disguise with few names – Confused, Fear, Lost, Demotivated …Etc. If understood well, Stress can become our finest Strength! This Program speaks about it.

Hepta Corporate Training

As a Zenlp Trainer, Ms. Krithika conducts Outcome-based Programs for Corporate Companies. She connects with Mr. Jayasekaran Zen, Founder – Zenlp Academy to design customized Programs to achieve Corporate Outcomes.
Few Outcome Based Training Program Models:

  1. Zenlp Thought Provoking Sessions for Top Level Management
  2. Zenlp Goals and Results – For Sales Teams
  3. Zenlp Team Building – For Corporate Verticals / Industrial Departments
  4. Zenlp 360 Degrees – Identifying New Thoughts
  5. Zenlp Practitioner Programs – For CEOs & Top Level Management

Nemuru Sleep Program

RE DESIGNING SLEEP PROGRAMS: Becoming aware of the Real Strength of Human Beings – Sleep & Re designing it with New Understanding. Sleep is 1 / 3 rd. of Life. It’s surprising, we Human Beings Pollute Sleep and Expect to be very active in 2 / 3 rd. of Life. Highly Impossible! Nemuru helps one to sleep well and redesigns Sleep Cycle discipline.

Happy 100

100 DAYS DIETING WITH REPROGRAMMING LIFESTYLE. Follow a 100 days monitored dieting program to achieve a New and Healthy Lifestyle.
1. Who can follow Hepta Healthy Lifestyle?

Male. Female. Kid. Senior Citizens. Middle Age. Youth. Teens – Anyone can!

2. Why Blood Report is required?
Without Blood Report, Any Diet Program will become Speculative. We at Hepta, Never follow Speculative methodology. We Act based on what Science says through the Blood Report.
3. Why 21 days / 100 days / 365 days?

It’s very easy to start any habit. It’s also easy to forget them quickly. 21 days / 100 days / 365 days Healthy Lifestyle have been designed with an intent of making those Healthy Lifestyles to stay with us forever. 

Water Fasting Program

” I had shared my experience in the session as well as here before. But I can’t stop myself from sharing this…. My husband was going on telling me since yesterday you have lost weight,  your face looks thin etc. ( Neither did my family realise that I was not eating anything since 3 days nor did I tell them ). I checked my weight and took measurements and found a loss of 2 kgs and inch loss through out, which frankly speaking I didn’t expect. I thought I will lose only the water weight.<br>

Also my family expressed that I am calm, composed and quiet since 2 days.<br>

Personally also I feel fresh, very light, peaceful and no hunger pangs at all.<br>

Thanks to the dedication of kirthika tharan Ma’am and her team. Wish to continue this water fasting as a group because being in the group helps us a lot and makes us more accountable. Thanks everyone for this initiative.”