” I had shared my experience in the session as well as here before. But I can’t stop myself from sharing this…. My husband was going on telling me since yesterday you have lost weight,  your face looks thin etc. ( Neither did my family realise that I was not eating anything since 3 days nor did I tell them ). I checked my weight and took measurements and found a loss of 2 kgs and inch loss through out, which frankly speaking I didn’t expect. I thought I will lose only the water weight.<br>

Also my family expressed that I am calm, composed and quiet since 2 days.<br>

Personally also I feel fresh, very light, peaceful and no hunger pangs at all.<br>

Thanks to the dedication of kirthika tharan Ma’am and her team. Wish to continue this water fasting as a group because being in the group helps us a lot and makes us more accountable. Thanks everyone for this initiative.”