I’m Aishwarya from Sivaganga District. I have completed my Under graduation in Psychology & currently pursuing my masters in MSW (Medical & Psychiatry)-Coimbatore. So yeah, my Health Journey started on 15.05.20. A very good family friend of mine, Mr. Kumar(may be most of you know him as Thinker Kumar) guided me in the righteous path, when I was completely lost in an Unhealthy Lifestyle. He told me how Krithika mam changed his life & highly recommended me also to get her guidance. I was weighing around 63-65 kgs during my Undergrad. But then after entering into Post Grad, as a SOCIAL WORKER I had to go to the field, meet people & help them out. Eventually, I started to spend less time for myself. I started skipping foods whenever I felt lazy, actually I was leading a Sedentary Lifestyle. I was gaining so much pounds without even realising it. After coming home due to this Pandemic (March 2020), one day, it was like a Bolt from the Blue, when I saw that I was weighing around 80.5kgs. I couldn’t believe myself; I was overwhelmed with Negative Emotions. That day I decided to begin my Weight Loss Journey…. to read more